China fast tracking a renewable future

In 2014, China became the world’s largest investor in renewable energy (US$89.5 billion), and they are not resting on their laurels. Such leadership from the Chinese Government is showing local businesses that proceeding down a renewable pathway is a savvy business decision that not only positively enhances their reputation, it also provides additional energy security, helps manage fluctuations in energy prices and also assists them in delivering carbon emission reductions.


The traditional focus of the Chinese Government renewable energy investment has been on large scale supply, however are now seeing the opportunity that stimulating businesses presents. As a result, the Government has introduced a series of incentive schemes for investments in renewable energy. In a recent report entitled RE100- China’s fast track to a renewable future, the Government outlines the fastest growing areas in China’s energy markets and explores the opportunities that key renewable technologies present to Chinese businesses.


The RE 100 report is part of an initiative of The Climate Group that supports major corporations to use 100% renewable power across their operations and is backed by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) which helps Chinese companies adopt renewable energy. Corporations that have joined the campaign include Nestle, Mars, BT Group, IKEA and SAP.

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