Hawaii aiming to be first 100% renewable energy State

The Hawaiian Legislature has passed a Bill that sets a goal whereby 100% of its electricity will be generated by renewable sources by 2045. Currently, Hawaii receives approximately 22% of its electricity from renewable sources, and the goals between now and 2045 are 30% of its electricity by 2020 and 70% by 2040. At the announcement, Representative Chris Lee stated that local renewable projects are cheaper that liquefied natural gas and oil, and local residents are already saving hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of actions by Hawaiian legislators.


Governor David Ige is still required to ratify the legislation by signing it and it will then be active. In a positive sign, the Legislature passed the Bill with little resistance, which should mean that Ige’s signature is almost certain. Nainoa Thompson, President of the Polynesian Voyaging Society stated his wish that Hawaii can be a beacon of hope for environmental stewardship. Acknowledging that the Hawaiian Islands will be amongst the first to be affected by climate change, Thompson said that if successful, they could model greater sustainability for all of Hawaii and the rest of the world.

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