China’s emissions may decrease ahead of schedule

According to research by the London School of Economics, greenhouse gas emissions in China may peak five years earlier that the original target of 2020. The findings increased the odds of avoiding warming beyond 2°C above pre-industrial levels, according to the School. The 2°C is the upper limit which the United Nations is seeking global accord for in December in Paris.


The research paper pointed to the reduction in coal consumption in 2014 and for the first three months of 2015 following years of growth which ultimately contributed to the extremely high levels of air pollution that people commonly associate with many Chinese cities. Structural changes to the Chinese economy and new Government policies focusing on sustainable growth which has lower environmental impact at its centre.


The Bonn meeting will wrap up this Friday and the universal climate pact that United Nations member states are preparing will be signed off at the meeting in Paris in December. The pact will come into effect in 2020 and be backed by a register of greenhouse gas emission cuts agreed by each state.

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