In what has been called “Japan’s big push towards a hydrogen society”, Toyota, Nissan and Honda are collaborating to get more fuel cell vehicles on the road, which are pollution free and run on power created when stored hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air to make water.

At present, Japan only has 23 hydrogen fuelling stations and hundreds more are planned. Collectively, the companies have pledged up to $90,000 per year per hydrogen fuelling station for construction and maintenance in an announcement on Wednesday July 1 2015. Although the stations already receive Government subsidies, they operate at a loss and the funding will alleviate the loss.

Japan is attempting to be ahead of the rest of the world in the race for a hydrogen society which will require collaboration from Energy companies, Automotive manufacturers and the Government. Japan is also aiming to showcase fuel cells a showcase for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Toyota Executive Kiyotaka Ise acknowledged the active role automotive manufacturers are required to play in promoting fuel cells and Hitoshi Kawaguchi from Nissan stated that while they can compete with their products, they need to collaborate in terms of infrastructure including hydrogen fuel stations.

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