2015 expert consultancy Email Campaign: Environmental Exposure and Public Health

Dr Anthony Horton, chairman of The Climate Change Guy Group and an internationally recognised environmental authority, is available for commentary and consultancy regarding environmental factors impacting human health.

One of the most qualified scientific experts in his field, Anthony has spent 15 years specialising in environmental hazards across Australasia and beyond, offering strategic solutions to measure, manage and mitigate effects on public health.

With his unique specialist knowledge of air, water and land pollutants and their impacts, Anthony is dedicated to inspiring and assisting people’s understanding of environmental science and its real-world implications. His vast experience combines with a passion for epidemiology as he maintains currency with the latest policies, issues and research in factors influencing environmental health.

As an environmental scientist with an extensive academic and specialist consultant background in pollution and the associated health risks of environmental exposure, Anthony warmly welcomes your requests for expert commentary, professional opinion and fact checking.

A shortlist of Anthony’s credentials is featured below. To view examples of his commentary and consultancy services, please visit www.theclimatechangeguy.com.au 

Dr Anthony Horton’s credentials include:

  • PhD in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours
  • Diploma of Carbon Management
  • Lead Environmental Auditor
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Chartered Chemist of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Editorial Board of the Journal of Nature Environment and Pollution Technology


Dr Anthony Horton


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