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BEnvSc. (Hons.) PhD (Env Sc.) MRACI CChem PGrad Dip OHS Grad Dip Carbon Management Cert IV TAE

Climate Change & Air Pollution Commentary with Strategic Solutions: Australia, Asia & Beyond!

Dr Anthony Horton, chairman of The Climate Change Guy Group, is an international authority on environmental protection and one of the most qualified climate change experts in the world. His work has been published in scientific journals and presented at global conferences, and he is currently on the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Nature Environment & Pollution Technology.

Born, raised and educated in Perth, Western Australia, Anthony currently divides his time between offices in Australia and China. He is an accredited Lead Auditor for the internationally recognised ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and has over 15 years experience in research, consultancy and delivery of customised solutions for academia, the mining industry, government bodies, health organisations, and other forums across Australasia.

Specialising in air quality monitoring and management, Anthony also has a wealth of knowledge and expertise encompassing other specialised fields including water, soil and land. His experience in environmental protection technologies combine with his consultancy, editorial work and active social media presence; enabling him to maintain currency with the latest policies, issues and trends in environmental protection and management as well as best practice technologies.

Providing information based on the latest scientific wisdom and his background in climate / atmospheric science, he has the unique ability to explain complex scientific issues in straightforward and simple terms. An active writer who embraces social media, he regularly posts blogs on climate change topics and is a regular contributor providing commentary and counsel to a number of Australian and international news sources and other websites including the Australian Independent Media Network, The Independent Australia, and The Good Men Project.


Dr Anthony Horton is available for interview and commentary on a range of environmental & climate change issues including:

  • Health ramifications of exposure to air pollutants
  • Air pollution from industrial & other sources
  • Dust and other pollutants from traffic congestion, encroachment of housing & other development upon industrial boundaries
  • Trends in temperature / rainfall / seasonal weather outlooks
  • Implications of trends / seasonal weather outlooks for bushfire risk, lifestyle, sporting & other outdoor activities
  • Implications of climate change for weather exposed industries / businesses (e.g. agriculture, mining)
  • Environmental impacts of major infrastructure developments (e.g. transport routes, port & other industrial developments)
  • Analysis of the latest developments / technologies in renewable / clean energy internationally & domestically
  • Analysis of international trends in environmental / climate issues (e.g. what are Governments around the world legislating / mandating / incentivising in the environmental space)
  • Implications of Australian Government climate policies / commitments for domestic businesses and jobs from a trade & investment perspective
  • Analysis of international climate meetings (e.g. Paris Climate meeting in December 2015) from an Australian trade & investment perspective
  • Economic & social impacts of environmental issues
  • Sustainable clean air solutions for Australasia and the world


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As well as being available for environmental consultation, media commentary and public speaking, Dr Anthony Horton is always keen to hear from anyone with new ideas concerning climate change, innovation and the environment. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the email form or contact details below.

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