Midland and Kwinana Air Quality Studies

About This Project


Anthony was employed by the  Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation (now the DER) to coordinate a background air quality study in Midland and surrounding suburbs.

This was a politically contentious project given the history of air quality issues in the region. The main focus of the study was acid gases (hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride), however a number of other pollutants were also measured particulates such as Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

This study was the first in Australia to measure ambient acid gases in a community setting. Following the first phase of the study, Anthony compiled a business case for the purchase of a continuous monitor for acid gases and coordinated its commissioning and trial in the field. He also coordinated a similar study in Kwinana – gain this project was politically contentious given the history of air quality issues in Kwinana, a very well known industrial region of Perth WA.

In addition to coordinating these background air quality studies, Anthony was responsible for reviewing consultant air quality monitoring and modelling data and reports, providing strategic technical air quality advice to the Minister for Environment and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The advice he provided was primarily related to Environmental Licence conditions for sites in Midland, Kwinana and others throughout Western Australia.

This multi-faceted project gave him a very good understanding of Environmental Legislation, regulation and compliance frameworks at both a State and Federal level.